NYC is a strange place

New York is strange in the summer. Life goes on as usual but it’s not, it’s like everyone is just pretending, as if everyone has been cast as the star in a movie about their life, so they’re one step removed from it. And then in September it all gets normal again.
— Peter Cameron

Time to order some coffee equipment – Hario v60 Pour Over | Coffee Bar

Now that I have established that I want to have this Coffee Bar. I will obviously need to make sure that I have the necessary equipment to prepare a good cup of coffee. In order to serve the friends, family and coffee lovers with a delicious and sensory stimulating cup of coffee we would need to have the proper coffee brewing/preparing equipment.

IMG_2714Winston and I bought our first espresso machine a little while ago – so that will be our fallback should we not be able to source a bigger machine for the market. As much as this venture is a pursuit of passion we need to be sensible about the amount of money we spend on bring this venture to life. So there is a trade-off between the cost of hiring a bigger machine and the amount of people we are going to serve.


One thing I know for sure is that coffee is an incredibly diverse drink. Which can be served in many shapes and forms. In order to begin giving our customers some sort of insight into the world of coffee. We would need have a number of options to choose from. By options I don’t mean types of espresso drinks – I am referring to the way in which the coffee is prepared.


This led to my first online coffee equipment purchase. I decided I would like to serve Espresso, and a few variations of the Pour-Over (Chemex, Hario V60 Pour-Over and/or Aeropress). If you’re not familiar with those names – don’t worry in later articles I hope to elaborate on the differences between these forms of brewing coffee.

whats in the box?

laid out

I took the leap of faith #2 and ordered two Hario V60 Drippers from the guys over at Cape Coffee Beans. Two days later I got a call from the Courier saying he’s in my area and about to drop my package off. I cannot explain how excited I was after receiving that call.

As you can imagine the first thing I did when I got the package was prepare my first every V60 Pour Over. I must admit it didn’t taste good at all. I just was too excited to pay attention to my brewing technique. So now that I have the V60 Dripper sorted – I am thinking of having a three cup stand custom-made to use at the market?

my two new v60 Pour-overs


Can you smell the brew?

I will also need to buy – a Hario Scale and a Drip Kettle to do the V60 Pour Over justice. Check out the one and only Chris Baca from Verve Coffee Roasters as he demonstrates to us how to prepare a Pour Over.


So I’ve since been practising – but it seems I need to get that scale, and kettle to get some consistency. By the time my Pour Over hits the market I have it on lock down. Super Excited.

Coffee Bar – The mobile coffee adventure begins

My friend Winston and I  have been talking, drinking and making coffee for some time now. For a long time it seemed like a far off dream that one day we could have our own coffee venture. Winston was much more proactive than myself and went to do a barista training course. With his new gained insights our coffee conversations slowly became more and more “sophisticated” and detailed – It’s safe to say the bug has bitten us and put us in pursuit of pure deliciousness. He has since gone to work for Origin in Cape Town which has left me yearning to learn and discover more about this coffee thing. It’s not about starting a cafe, It’s not about making money this has more to do with curiosity and adventure.

CortadoWega Mini-Nova

I have recently decided to carry out a little experiment and put my faith to work. I have signed up to run a market stall at the first ever Bay Market – hosted in the Children’s Church Building of the Bay Christian Family Church. And naturally I will be selling coffee. Without this little experiment becoming to formal – I decided against a fancy deep name and chose to call my stall the Coffee Bar.

So in line with my pursuit of passion and my desire to do the things that make me smile. The mobile coffee adventure has just begun. Lets see where this road leads to. The Coffee Bar, coming soon…

Coffee Bar

Let’s see what happens next.