A new day of inspiration and focus!

My name is Justin, I’m from the Mother City – Cape Town – and love the idea of people creating meaningful value to the word around them. Hence my fascination with entrepreneurship, creatives, artisans, craftsmen, bicycle culture and what I consider the fuel collaboration, Coffee! I have recently decided to start blogging again.

I realised that I have lost a bit of focus and want to redirect my inspiration to one single place – my blog. Here I will capture my thoughts on innovation, creativity, the beautiful act of making things and some of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Each and everyone of us have been placed on this earth for a reason. Each of us have an assignment, this assignment is however unique to and everyone of us.

Inspired Vibes was conceptualised in 2011. It encapsulates my journey towards the execution of a vision that has been imprinted my deep inside my heart. I can’t quite explain it in this post – but I hope to communicate this vision through the content of this blog. The idea of living an inspired life is not a story of one man, but rather a journey of a collective in pursuit of passion and purpose.

Through your interaction with this blog, may you be inspired to take risks, do what you love, never stop searching, grow in faith and may you walk into the prosperous and good future that God has always intended for you to have.


Live the inspired life, today!


  • Lyndon

    Thats the truth. Amen! Well done my friend. Inspirational indeed.

  • Suzie

    Yes! I am inspired!